Need to Make a Quick Sale? We got you covered!

OnRivet allows you to make Point of Sale transactions fast and easy. Include previous customers that you’ve worked with, or don’t include one at all. Just add the material items that you are taking out of your inventory and go! You can even adjust the margins right then and there. Print or email the receipt for your customer and for your own records. You can make returns quickly as well.

OnRivet takes the complications out of running a business and makes things simple. Plus, it’s easy to use!

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OnRivet Makes Scheduling Quick And Easy!

OnRivet allows you to make scheduling all the various tasks of your business fast and efficient. Creating an event is as simple as selecting the day and time that you want your event and then fill out a description and you’re done! You also can filter your schedule by estimates, jobs, tasks, custom events, and vacation times.

Need to move a job back another day? Simply drag and drop to the day that you want! OnRivet’s calendar allows you to customize your schedule the way that works best for your business. You can add employees to jobs, find contact info, and even change the color of the event!

OnRivet wants to make your business run smooth so that you can find success in your trade.

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Welcome to OnRivet
As we return from The International Surfaces Event, we have been able to meet some amazing new people and have had some amazing new experiences. We have been excited this past week to see the continual growth to the OnRivet family. For those of you who have recently joined us we would like to say Thank You and welcome! We wish you nothing but success as we go through this new journey together.
Features and Highlights

We are excited to announce some big changes that we believe will make your experience usingOnRivet even better. Our main goal is to make your jobs and lives easier. We have made some updates to the visual User Interface in the Job Dashboard. These changes will make it easier to navigate through your jobs. We will be releasing these changes by the end of the day today. Below we have some images that will give you an idea of what the design will look like.

As you look at these images you will notice that each item in the progress bar can now be clicked and will take you right to the page you need! We also wanted to update the tabs in each section (Job Information, Job Financial, etc.). You may notice that the tabs that were in each of those sections are now available from the Job Dashboard. Making it easier for you to go to the exact page you need.

We hope that you will join us in this exciting time as we continue to progress forward and take the ideas you have given us to improve and apply them to our software. We look forward to your continued feedback and can’t wait to hear how we can make things better!

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We Are Mobile!

OnRivet is excited to announce that we have released our mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Now you can access your business wherever you are!

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