Outdoor Frost-Free Faucet



Have you ever left a hose outside attached to the faucet in the winter? I’m sure a lot of people have experienced the horror of the basement flooding because the leftover water in the hose backed up into the faucet plumbing, then it expanded when it froze and broke the pipes. If this sounds familiar you might want to consider installing a frost-free faucet. A frost-free outdoor faucet is designed to extend into the exterior of the house along with the flow valve so that it’s inside the heated interior to prevent freezing. The best time to install this faucet is in the summer because winter is just around the corner. This is something every homeowner should think about installing to avoid costly repairs.

The Big Dig




The American Cancer Society will be putting on their fourth annual Construction VS Cancer “The Big Dig” event in Utah on August 27th from 5 pm-8 pm at the Utah State Fair Park. Families will have the opportunity to operate real machinery with the help of adult volunteers in a fair-like atmosphere. There is also a virtual option for families who are immunocompromised, they can pick up a “Big Dig Kit” or have it delivered. The kits include a Home Depot build kit, a hard hat, and more. Registration is free for families with a young cancer fighter or survivor. General admission is $10 a ticket or family packs are available for $50 for 6 tickets. All proceeds from the event will go to support pediatric cancer research. The American Cancer Society is working to finish the fight against cancer in every community. To donate to the fight against pediatric cancer or to attend the event go to

New Documentary Highlighting Trades



A new documentary called The Money Machine will be coming to JUL-TV. It showcases the benefits of working in the trades as a career path for young adults. There will be a new episode each week taking a closer look at trades including welding, car building, guitar making, and whiskey distilling. This show will help these young adults just graduating high school to find a way to set themselves up with a career path. You can find The Money Machine starting in July on JUL-TV which is available on Roku devices, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick. Check out the video above to learn more about this exciting new documentary.