Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisana on Sunday as a category 4 storm with winds of 150 mph. In its path, Ida destroyed homes, flooded businesses, water systems were knocked out of service, and the storm was catastrophic to the power grid. The storm toppled trees onto power poles and caused transformers to explode. People were left without homes and water. The people of Louisana needed help and so many have answered the call for help.

FEMA arrived ahead of the storm and was prepared with more than 3.4 million meals, millions of liters of water, over 37,000 tarps, and 200 generators. The Louisana National Guard activated 4,900 guard personnel with 195 water vehicles, 73 rescue boats, and 34 helicopters. They were ready and willing to help.

There are countless power and energy companies helping to restore power to the people of Louisana. Companies like Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Indiana Michigan Power, and First Energy are sending crews to get the lights back on. Some crews will work for several weeks for 16 hours a day. The days will be long and hard but it’s all about helping each other.

First Responders from Pennsylvania and New Jersey are sending search and rescue teams along with water rescue equipment. Even in our little neck of the woods, the Utah Task Force One has joined in the efforts. Our Utah disaster response team is made up of local firefighters, emergency room physicians, and even K9 teams and they arrived ahead of the storm.

We are thankful for all of those big and small businesses that have jumped in to help. If you live in or around Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Lake Charles, or Gulfport they are looking for temporary workers to help aid in the cleanup efforts just go to www.lgsstaffing.com/2021/08/27/hurricane-ida-storm-clean-up/.

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