A round of applause for Working Gear

When you come across a company that is working hard to make a difference you have to share it. Working Gear is a non-profit that provides clothing and gear free of charge to low-income or unemployed individuals in search of employment around Vancouver. They are outfitted with anything from construction clothing and steel-toed boots to business casual attire and suits. They even offer a barber service in-house.

Working gear was also featured on CTV’s Holmes Family Effect. Professional contractor Mike Holmes, alongside his son and daughter, surprise deserving people by transforming their spaces. Holmes and his family created an updated and functional space for the folks at Working Gear. Plus they were able to get 800 pairs of work boots donated to the cause.

The majority of business casual donations come from individuals and local businesses. Most of the construction gear comes from partnerships and organizations in the construction sector. If you would like to learn more about this amazing non-profit or if you want to donate to their cause you can find that information at https://workinggear.ca/ or https://www.facebook.com/workinggearsociety/.

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