Thankful for you! | Onrivet

Happy Thanksgiving from the OnRivet Crew

It has been a little over 3 months since our software launched, but the team behind OnRivet has been working and planning for years. It’s the coolest feeling to watch an idea become a reality right in front of your very eyes. Our construction software has grown from a simple dream in a tradesman’s mind to a tangible product now used in Utah, Texas, Minnesota, and Washington state.

Our purpose is to support small business in construction and the trades. Our goal is to keep craft alive. And to think that in a mere 3 months, small businesses in 4 states are getting their paperwork under control and spending more time on their craft. Yeah, seriously tugs out our heartstrings. Manly dudes don’t cry, but darn it if we aren’t getting misty!

Thankful for you! | Onrivet

So, thank you.

Thank you for believing in our software and mission as much as we do. Thanks for going out on a limb, stretching that already haggard budget, and taking a chance on something different. We couldn’t be doing what we are today without our clients, family, and friends. When we sit down around the Thanksgiving table tomorrow, we’ll be thinking about YOU. Happy Thanksgiving!

May we each remember all the rad things we’ve been blessed with.

With love,
The OnRivet Crew

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